May 30, 2009

REDD Tricky agreement between US-based Conservation NGOs and Polluting Industry

Reduction Emission from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) my be have a perfect spirit to combat global climate change, but I'm pesimist the REDD scheme is aplicable. Many opportunist are out there as reported by an independent site on 29 May 2009 (click tittle to check)

Some US-based conservation NGO -American Electric Power, Conservation International, Duke Energy, Environmental Defense Fund, El Paso Corporation, National Wildlife Federation, Marriott International, Mercy Corps, Natural Resources Defense Council, PG&E Corporation, Sierra Club, Starbucks Coffee Company, The Nature Conservancy, Union of Concerned Scientists, The Walt Disney Company, Wildlife Conservation Society, and the Woods Hole Research Center- have signed agremeent with polluting industry, allowing the industry earn credit if they finance conservation project, at the same time still release CO2.
Some of those NGOs have ever worked, or recently proposing projects, in Aceh; the Conservation International, Mercy Corps.

Based on environmental economics theory on carbon offsetting, it is possible for any interest party, either commercial company or NGO, to buy and sell the credit permit. Thus, a company may keep polluting and pay compensation or an NGOs may buy permit from a company. That’s all a game on global economic activities.

The problems are;
1. there is possibility between transnational company (TNCs) and international NGO to make ‘a black agreement’, cheating.
2. A de jure nationally owned rain forest becomes a global asset. Factually owned by a TNC or international NGO. The ‘new owner’ pays $x while a TNC earns $xxx and being allowed to keep poluting.
3. Around 30-50% of money paid to a nation will be used for managerial fee, most of it runs to overseas. It means a tropical forest country will only get $1/2x. Sadly.

We need a more perfect global agreement on REDD mechanism.

We need a more applicable policy instrument on REDD in Aceh.

Do you have idea?


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