Oil Palm, Tripa Swamp of Aceh

Traditionall Illegal Mining on Aceh Forest Land

Firing; A common and cheap method to clear the land

Traditional gold mining in Aceh

A chalenge to feed their family, gaining daily cash, though high risk. They are need to be supervised. Could it be sustain?


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June 20, 2009

DevInfo AcehInfo: A Friendly Data Base Software

Do you often work with data? Working with complicated data in relation with environmental issue? Poverty? Population? Waste disposal problem? Natural resources management? Human resources? GIS? Data base? I was really surprised by DevInfo data based software package. Devinfo is really friendly software, suitable for a user with little knowledge and skills on information technology (IT) software.

User can store, compile, compare and contrast all related data such as number, image, etc, with a wide range format of data. The data can be shown as a graph, table or map. Some Geographical Information System based maps could be edit as well before we use the map as a background for a full featured image based data. The final result of user works can be stored easily in word processing software or power point as a gallery or final report. This friendly data base software is free.

Devinfo is being widely used for many United Nations’ project. A volunteer staff of UN project told me that this software is being used in 91 countries. For example, MaldiveInfo for government planning in Maldives, IRAQ, INDIA, Education for all initiative, UN Habitat, Gender Info, etc.

What DevInfo package I used is AcehInfo, a package software provided by UNORC to assist the government of Aceh province on data management. I recommend NGO, private company, student and public servant in Aceh to used AcehInfo. Go to training page of DevInfo's site to learn more

June 6, 2009

The President Pledged the Banda Aceh as a clean and healthy municipality

BANDA ACEH gets Adipura environmental award during environmental world day in Jakarta, 5 July 2009, while tree other cities, Lhokseumawe, Sabang and Kuala Simpang, each gets Adipura’s badge praised by the Ministry of Environment.

The difference, as explained by Mr. Husaini Syamaun, the Chief of Aceh Environmental Agency: The Adipura Award is blessed for a Clean and Healthy cities. An Adipura badge/certificate is provided for a clean city, instead of healthy. Good effort on waste and clean water management, but residential settlement management is still in need for improvement (Serambinews, 6 June 2009)

However, the Banda Aceh authorities should improve the city's environmental services since the award is provided to encourage the winner showing better environmental performance. Too much dust in Banda Aceh road, especially when the wind blowing. Dusty road will have negative impact for the residents: Respiratory disturbance , ispa (respiratory tract illness), nose sore, eyesore and skin sore. I predict, next 10 years, many health cases will spread due to the low airy quality in this city. Respiratory diseases will also likely increase among Banda Aceh citizens.

To solve it, Banda Aceh’s Mayor should:
1. Provide more budget for tree planting along particular road
2. Establish or improve green parks
3. Distribute more valuable fruit seedling trees for resident
4. Encourage resident to plant more trees around their house
5. Deliver organic fertilizer for resident.

June 5, 2009

New Agency to cope with Disaster

If a natural disaster occur, who suffer the most? No doubt, local community. Unfortunately, handling incidents and victims are usually late because of lack of preparedness. Humanitarian aid is often late with a variety of reasons. Difficult to reach the disaster site and limited operational funds are some classical arguments.

Logistical support, eg tents, foods, clothes, for victims often were distributed after 5 - 10 days and even months. Type of logistic aids even up spill.
Inter-government institutions throw each other's responsibility. Sadly.

To remedy the weakness of coordination and anticipation of handling the incident, a technical agency of the Acehnese government is doing a serial discussion meeting to formulate an effective coordination pattern:
* April 2009 => collecting issue on how Kabupaten (district) local agencies suffered during past disasters.
* In early June, => a meeting was held to find an operationally effective pattern on coordination among agencies. The meeting recommends the Aceh governor to speed up the establishment of the Regional Disaster Relief (BPPD).
* Some incoming meetings will focus on mapping all agencies related disaster projects.

Establishing the BPPD is urgent in accordance with the establishment of the National Disaster Relief replacing recent agency which known as National Coordination Agency for disaster, victims and refugees(Bakornas). The new national agency will command all potential agencies whenever a disaster occurs. This new agency will be led by a ministerial-level agency. At any province/district, the agency will be conducted by Provincial/District Secretary.

June 2, 2009

Walhi withdraw their report to police

"The Indonesian Forum for Environment (Walhi), Aceh chapter, has withdrawn its report about Forestry Minister MS Kaban concerning the construction of a road in the Rawa Singkil sanctuary which had already been notified to the Police Headquarters" visit the title link for more.

Good effort for regional development of Aceh. Thats true we have to protect our critical conservation site, but we also need to develop local people living standard.