June 5, 2009

New Agency to cope with Disaster

If a natural disaster occur, who suffer the most? No doubt, local community. Unfortunately, handling incidents and victims are usually late because of lack of preparedness. Humanitarian aid is often late with a variety of reasons. Difficult to reach the disaster site and limited operational funds are some classical arguments.

Logistical support, eg tents, foods, clothes, for victims often were distributed after 5 - 10 days and even months. Type of logistic aids even up spill.
Inter-government institutions throw each other's responsibility. Sadly.

To remedy the weakness of coordination and anticipation of handling the incident, a technical agency of the Acehnese government is doing a serial discussion meeting to formulate an effective coordination pattern:
* April 2009 => collecting issue on how Kabupaten (district) local agencies suffered during past disasters.
* In early June, => a meeting was held to find an operationally effective pattern on coordination among agencies. The meeting recommends the Aceh governor to speed up the establishment of the Regional Disaster Relief (BPPD).
* Some incoming meetings will focus on mapping all agencies related disaster projects.

Establishing the BPPD is urgent in accordance with the establishment of the National Disaster Relief replacing recent agency which known as National Coordination Agency for disaster, victims and refugees(Bakornas). The new national agency will command all potential agencies whenever a disaster occurs. This new agency will be led by a ministerial-level agency. At any province/district, the agency will be conducted by Provincial/District Secretary.


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