June 6, 2009

The President Pledged the Banda Aceh as a clean and healthy municipality

BANDA ACEH gets Adipura environmental award during environmental world day in Jakarta, 5 July 2009, while tree other cities, Lhokseumawe, Sabang and Kuala Simpang, each gets Adipura’s badge praised by the Ministry of Environment.

The difference, as explained by Mr. Husaini Syamaun, the Chief of Aceh Environmental Agency: The Adipura Award is blessed for a Clean and Healthy cities. An Adipura badge/certificate is provided for a clean city, instead of healthy. Good effort on waste and clean water management, but residential settlement management is still in need for improvement (Serambinews, 6 June 2009)

However, the Banda Aceh authorities should improve the city's environmental services since the award is provided to encourage the winner showing better environmental performance. Too much dust in Banda Aceh road, especially when the wind blowing. Dusty road will have negative impact for the residents: Respiratory disturbance , ispa (respiratory tract illness), nose sore, eyesore and skin sore. I predict, next 10 years, many health cases will spread due to the low airy quality in this city. Respiratory diseases will also likely increase among Banda Aceh citizens.

To solve it, Banda Aceh’s Mayor should:
1. Provide more budget for tree planting along particular road
2. Establish or improve green parks
3. Distribute more valuable fruit seedling trees for resident
4. Encourage resident to plant more trees around their house
5. Deliver organic fertilizer for resident.


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