May 30, 2009

Elephant attacking rural people in Aceh

Elephant's attack is a pretty old widerness problem in Aceh. During last three months, destroying vilager's plants and private company by this giant animal is occuring in northen, western, and southern part of Aceh.

In Bireun district, the hometown of Irwandi Yusuf, the Governor, about 30 hectares and 20 cottage owned by farmers was destroyed. A rattan searcher was disposed to 10-meter deep ravine by an elephant. In Pantonlabu, of Aceh Utara, 4 rural house were ruined by 40 elephants. In Ranto Peurlak, hectares of oil palm, chocholat trees:

In Subussalam, a 40 year-old woman was vanished by an elephant when she was working in a private company farm.In Jeuram, western part of aceh, some elephant ccame into village looking for food without annoying any villager. In Trumon, Southern part, they came into rural setlement, destroying paddy field, estate crops.

Why these environmental issue occuring?

The answer is simple. Their habitat was destroyed. Their natural food is disappearing. Elephant is a nomadic animal, marching in the same track every year. They destroyed some farm because the land used to be their annual roadway. Now the traild has been converted. Who is responsible to the conversion?

Does Aceh government and Ministry of Forestry need to hit away the elephant? Does illegal farming in forest area should be jailed? no! NO!
Me need to re-manage and redesaiqn Aceh forest. Rural community has right to develop their source of income.


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